Containerized Differential Pressure Cooler (CDPC), provides a portable pre-cooling solution incorporating technology with significant advantages for the longevity and shelf life of berries, fruit, flowers, and many more products.

Chill Produce’s CDPC will cool your pre-packed (on crates/totes/pallets) produce more efficiently, evenly, and with more energy efficiency than other traditional cooling methods.

The Chill Produce, Containerized Differential Pressure Cooler, combines all of these advantages; providing a cost effective and portable cooling solution that can be used in the field to ensure you see significant gains in both productivity and yield.

The Containerized Differential Pressure Cooler comes standard with a processing capacity of an 8-pallet batch and a product temperature reduction from 30°C to 5°C. over a duration time of 4-5 hours.

This slower dwell time is ideal for more delicate products such as berries allowing the benefits of in field pre-cooling for produce that cannot handle the pressure changes of the Vacuum cooler.

The CDPC structure uses a thermal 40’ container providing the structure, strength and convenience of a cooling device designed for long-term repeated transportation in and to the field.

Sizing of the CDPC can be supplied to meet your specific requirements, from 2 pallet to 8 pallets units.