At Chill Produce we offer two cooling solutions to meet your needs.

We have the Vacuum coolers for those producing leafy greens, flowers, broccoli and other such goods.

These vacuum coolers allow for shorter cooling times on hardier produce where low levels of moisture loss do not impact the product as harshly. These machines allow for dwell times of only 35 minutes and can be made portable to maximize the shelf life through cooling in the lowest amount of time possible. No method is more efficient!

For more delicate produce such as berries we offer the slower but more stable Differential pressure cooling systems as a solution to your cooling needs. This compact system is integrated to a 40 foot container maximizing both portability and durability. With a dwell time of 4-5 hours this method is slower but provides a less harsh cooling process for produce that cannot handle the pressure changes of the vacuum cooling system. 

Both of these systems maximize efficiency for their potential applications and are truly the cutting edge in the world of cooling.